Frequently Asked Questions: Music Production Software

What software do you use?
Logic Pro X. For my main framework, I use Logic Pro X for 49 out of 50 projects. This software is amazing and deep. The built-in samples are great, and the effects are enough to do most things out of the box. There are a few glitches here and there, but overall - I give Logic a 9 of 10 rating.

Should you buy Logic? No idea. There are other products that do a lot of the same things. Even GarageBand is a very capable editor for a lot of projects! Use what you like; the framework (Digital Audio Workstation - DAW) software means less than you think.

Sample Libraries

The DAW software does the work of capturing and arranging notes, but to make things into sounds - that takes synths and samplers.


Logic ships with a giant selection of samples and instruments. From best to worst...




If you can get past the annoying website design, these guys have some great stuff! Before you follow the link, TURN DOWN YOUR SOUND!! (They don't have product pages, so you need to find these products yourself.)

Orange Tree Samples

Native Instruments

(In the order that I keep my library)


Other Things

I have more bits and pieces of other synths and sample sets laying about that you will sometimes hear. But this is well over 95% of my daily use.

Last Update: March 1, 2016


I used to use these all the time. There are still a few unique instruments in here. Steinway Piano (alternate tunings), Marching Percussion (Concert and Marching Band). Brush Kit (from Jazz and Big Band), Woodwinds are very playable (from GPO)... but I did not bother to reinstall any of these on my new computer. I'll wait until I really need them.

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist

One of the few instruments I've abandoned. The pain in working with this is no longer worth the result. The thing that I HATE is the USB dongle software license thingee. I would pay double to not have this.

Gone are the days where you set up a tower computer in a studio and plug in all the license keys and never move them. If you want to grab a laptop and a keyboard, the little USB license key piece of crap thing makes it nigh on impossible to use this softare on the go.

Screw you, Steinberg (and Vienna - which I've also abandoned... and Hauptwerk - which I will not buy).

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